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LIFETIME SPS Membership Overview

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LIFETIME Membership FAQs!

Frequent Questions

If I buy Lifetime Access to SPS+ Members, do I get immediate access to the new SPS 3.0 site?

Yes, you’ll get immediate access to the new site! You can post to the community, ask questions, get your profile set up, see who’s near you, get set up on our Mobile App (iOS and Android), and more!

If I don’t buy Lifetime Access but I’m a current SPS Member, will I get access to the new SPS Members 3.0 website and 2022 benefits?

So long as your SPS Members subscription is in good standing, you’ll get access to the new (3.0) site and iOS/Android Mobile App beginning mid-January 2022. You’ll also get access to the new programs and benefits, including the Mentorship Groups and the Family Yearbook Project for as long as you keep your subscription active. 

If I don’t buy Lifetime Access, will my current subscription remain active?

Yes, your current subscription will remain active, but we will provide a way for you to update your subscription to be serviced on the new site. This will allow you to update your own payment information, pause, or cancel your membership. 

If I don’t buy Lifetime Access, will my subscription price increase?

No way! You’ll be grandfathered in on your current subscription and keep it as long as you don’t cancel. 

Are you shutting down the SPS Members Facebook group? How about the Photo Fix Facebook group?

No, at this time we’re not planning on shutting down access to either group. We know some will prefer the new SPS Community off of Facebook. Others will prefer Facebook. We’ll remain thoughtful in how we try and provide ways to include everyone in our awesome community!

Is “SPS+ Members” in the new site basically the same thing as “SPS Members” (which used to be GRADS)? Why do you have to change the name? You’re killin’ me Smalls!

Yes! So sorry! The new “3.0” site will house content and several in-house communities. The language of joining these communities is often understood as becoming a “member.” Instead of fighting the defacto connotations, we’re making a slight change in the new site. 

Is SPS+ Members an “All Access” plan?

There are 4 stand-alone courses inside SPS (12-Week Business Bootcamp, Sports Photography Course, Video Journey, and PF for Teens) that aren’t included in the SPS+ Membership. If you purchased these stand-alone courses, you'll of course continue to get access to them.

There will be more courses added to SPS+ Members in the future. You’ll get LIFETIME access to all your current courses and the future SPS+ courses.

There also might be some courses added in the future that are “stand-alone” courses (not included in SPS+ Members). Usually, these are collaborations with other instructors, such as the 12-Week Business Bootcamp, or pro-level courses with an emphasis on live learning.

Let the journey of a lifetime begin

Who knows what the future holds for each of us? But we'll keep each other inspired to capture it along the way, teaching each other as we go. Hope you'll join us! 💙

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